Get Back On The Wagon!

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Get Back On The Wagon!

Summertime is filled with days at the beach, rooftop happy hours, and cookouts.  Many people devote a lot of winter and springtime  hours getting in shape to look good during the summer months.  However, once the fun summer activities get started, a lot of people tend to throw their workouts on the back burner. Well, with the end of the summer and the start of the fall, its the perfect time to re-dedicate yourself to your fitness mentality and shed some of those excess summer pounds.  Here are few tips to help get you back on the fitness wagon.

1) Make your goals bigger than your excuses.  Whether your excuse is work, the kids, or you’re just plain tired, there will always be something that can distract your focus and give you an excuse to miss your workouts.  Because those excuses will always be there, you have to take control and remember why it is that you are working out in the first place.  Whether its just to stay healthy, shed a few pounds, or preparing for an event, find your “why” and make sure to constantly remind yourself that your “why” is more important than any excuse standing in the way.

2) Set attainable goals.  One bad meal will not make you fat, just like one good workout will not get you in incredible shape.   Remind yourself that getting back into shape is a process, not an overnight phenomenon.  There aren’t many things more frustrating than working hard and not feeling like you are making enough progress.  This frustration can lead some people to quit all together.  Start with smaller, short-term goals instead of focusing on larger, long-term goals.  For example, instead of setting a goal of losing 30 pounds, set a goal of losing at least 5 pounds a month.  Once you reach this goal, set another new goal and continue to repeat the process!

3) Take a step back in the beginning.  After taking an extended break from working out, a lot of people make the mistake of jumping right back into their previous workout routine. This often leads to frustration as we have quickly forgotten how long it took us to work up to our previous workout routine in the first place!  Our muscles very much follow the “use it or lose it” philosophy.  And if you have gone awhile without using your muscles, you can’t have the same performance expectations that you had before your workout hiatus.  Instead, ease back into your workout routine and give your body a chance to re-familiarize itself with the movements and workload.

Keep these 3 simple concepts in your mind as you jump back on the fitness wagon.  The only thing stopping all of us from obtaining the level of physical fitness that we desire is ourselves.  Lets get out of our own way and make this happen!jackfit logo-1

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